Lauren Bushnell Took All Of The Furniture After She Broke Up With Ben Higgins

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People- On Monday, PEOPLE exclusively reported that the Bachelor star and his fiancée broke up, and the former ABC leading man is now discussing the aftermath of their relationship. In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of Higgins’ new podcast, which he will be co-hosting alongside Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti, he reveals that his Denver pad is in need of some furniture since Bushnell moved out. “I’m looking at Ben’s phone right now and there’s a picture of what his family room looks like right now after Lauren moved all her stuff out. And because it’s technically her furniture, she basically took it all except for one mirror on the wall,” Iaconetti explains in the clip after seeing a snapshot of his near-empty family room. “It just screams heartbroken.”  “My house and I are feeling very similar: sad, mourning, a little empty. And so I feel like this is a bonding time for my house and I. In all seriousness, it’s really sad,” Higgins explains. “But, I do have my whiskey cart left.” 


Ruthless. Absolutely ruthless. Break up with a guy and then take all of the furniture with you. So now Ben Higgins is heartbroken just sitting on the floor of his apartment. Pretty sad visual. Then again, it was her furniture. This is classic roommate stuff. It sucks when a relationship comes down to that but at the end of the day it’s hers. Could she have left him one piece of furniture? Or even a cushion? The answer is no. It’s hers. Roommate rules are law. And if we’re being completely honest, I don’t feel all that bad for Ben Higgins. His life is gonna be so much better after this break up. Do you know how many Bachelor groupies are out there? Millions. Literally millions. Like 9 million people tune in every week and most of them are of the female variety. Ben H is about to rip off a run like you’ve never seen. Or at least hopefully. He needs to throw that religious shit to the side for a minute and start throwing his dick around like a mad man.