Sexist Tanzanian Woman Pretends To Be A Man For A Decade So She Can Mine Rocks, Beats Rape Charge By Playing The Woman Card

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NY Daily News- A tough as nails Tanzanian woman posed as a man for years so that she could work as a miner and provide for a big family.

She hid her true identity for almost a decade, and only revealed she was female after she was accused of rape, the BBC reported.

Pili Hussein grew up in a large Tanzanian family whose patriarch was a livestock keeper. She was one of 38 children, whom her father put to work.

“My father treated me like a boy and I was given livestock to take care of — I didn’t like that life at all,” she told the BBC.

She aspired to work as a miner and prospect for tanzanite — a precious, violet-blue gemstone — but women were prohibited from working in the tunnels.

And so Hussein posed as a man to get the job.

“I acted like a gorilla,” she said. “I could fight, my language was bad, I could carry a big knife like a Maasai [warrior]. Nobody knew I was a woman because everything I was doing I was doing like a man.”

Years later, an unlikely set of circumstances forced her to reveal her true identity.

A woman in the town where she worked reported she had been raped by miners and Pili was arrested as a suspect.

“When the police came, the men who did the rape said: ‘This is the man who did it,’ and I was taken to the police station,” Pili told the BBC.

She told police she was a woman to prove her innocence and was soon released.

Tanzania’s take on Mulan is a little darker than the Disney version, but I still dig it. This “woman” needs to write a book immediately. Look at her life: Pili Hussein was one of 38 children born to Anthony Cromartie’s brother, a livestock keeper. She grew tired of shoveling sheep shit and aspired to work in the mines, but they don’t allow women. So she threw on some baggy pants, started swearing a lot, and “acted like a gorilla.”

As a proud, progressive male, I’m deeply offended by Pili’s gross marginalization of men. It’s disgusting that in 2017, a woman can get away with impersonating a man for a decade simply by acting like a gorilla. We men have so much more to offer. Look at John Legend–an accomplished musician. Do you think he made his millions by smashing piano keys with gorilla fingers? Or Mario Batali, celebrity chef and restaurateur. Can gorillas cook pasta? Maybe. The point is, there are so many men these days who are gaining success in the workplace by not acting like gorillas. It’s very out-of-date to relegate an entire gender to primate status.

With that out of the way, I’m also peeved that she decided to beat the rape charge by revealing she was a woman. Seems like a total cop out. If you want to live as a man, you have to take the good with the bad–rape charges and all. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Pili spent a decade enjoying privileged access to the mines, but the moment the cops come to her door, her Y chromosome is nowhere to be found. Cowardly!

Her fellow miners were stunned. “They didn’t even believe the police when they said that I was a woman,” she said.

Oh really? This belle of the ball?

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Apparently George Foreman stepped away from the grill to mine rocks as a she-man for the last 10 years. Must be a CTE thing.