The Most Outrageous Post Haircut Routine I've Ever Seen

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.56.17 PM

I don’t know if this video is old or not but I don’t care. Fucking outrageous, right? Dude is getting the absolute horse piss slapped outta his grape. He’s getting worse head treatment than our pal Nasty Nate will for the next 361 days.

I don’t know how you sit there through that. Pay 9.99 to get your melon assaulted? No thanks. I’d rather continue walking around like an asshole with 4-week growth than put my head in the hands of the Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.

Although, escaping the jaws of death AND having a fire cut would feel like a completely new life once you are actually outta the chair. A new day would be sprung. I felt that way yesterday with my new cut.

Handsome! Good work, everybody.