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I Have An Announcement to Make – I Admit Lebron James Is Good At Basketball


So last night I sat courtside for Game 1 of the Celts vs Cavs. Huge moment for the Pres vs. Bron Bron Rivalry. It was the first time we were gonna meet face to face. Mano y mano. Only the strong survive. I was gonna be in his kitchen all night long. Heckling him, screaming at him, taking him to the verbal paint. And I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I left it all out on the court. I never relented for 60 minutes. I went in on him about everything. I left no bullets in the chamber.

Guess what? It didn’t matter. He beat us fair and square. We lost by 100. It was never close. Well I’m here today to be a man. I’m here to raise my hand and be the first to say I was wrong. Lebron James is good at basketball. He sucks as a human but he is a monster on the court. There I said it. Credit to me for being a man about this situation. I’m not a homer. I’m not biased. I call it as I see it. Lebron James is good at hoop. Again credit to me.

PS – Celts in 5

Double PS – The hardest chirps of the night came from my former teammate Dante Jones who said they may have to stop this series after last night because it’s only going to get worse and we have no shot and it’s embarrassing they even have to waste their time with us.