It Has Recently Come To My Attention That Chris Hogan (The Football Player) Used To Play Lacrosse

Anybody else know this? Pretty wild, man. The fact that a kid can go from playing college lacrosse one day to winning the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots the next. You’d think that a story like this would have been brought up a time or two before.

Guess it’s just a testament to how athletic lacrosse players are. Feel like we don’t get enough credit in that regard. But here we have Chris Hogan. Pretty decent college lacrosse player, best receiving average in the NFL. How neat is that?


Anywho, Championship Weekend at Gillette is just about a week away. If Albany wins this weekend then I guess I’ll be booking my trip to Foxborough. If not, I’ll probably just cover the games from afar. Quarter finals this weekend. I’ll be at UDel on Sunday for the Cuse vs Towson and Albany vs Maryland games. Preview blog for all 4 games this weekend will be up tomorrow. And while you wait for that–since we’re on the topic of lacrosse and Gillette Stadium–make sure to check out Paul Rabil’s podcast with Bill Belichick from this week. Lot of real interesting stuff from BB in that interview. You can listen to that here.