The Preakness Pick Is In - Multiplier

Now anybody who knows anything about me knows I don’t bet favorites. I don’t do it. You don’t become rich betting favorites. You don’t become famous betting favorites. You don’t get Nantucket houses betting favorites. Having said that I won’t talk you out of Always Dreaming but I just won’t be betting on him. I had Battle of Midway at 40-1 in the Derby across the board and he paid 20 bucks to show. That’s how you turn heads. That’s how you make dem asses shake. That was a way bigger and more impressive hit than anybody who bet the favorite. Unfortunately Battle of Midway is not running in the Preakness so I need a new shooter. The pick for me is Multiplier. This is a lightly raced horse who struggled in the beginning of his career and then won the Illinois Derby with the 2nd fastest time in the history of the race from nowhere. Umm that means he’s fast. If he runs anything close to that he’s a legit threat. I like horses like this. Lightly raced horses that show glimpses of brilliance and then suddenly show up in huge races. There is just too much upside to pass up for me at 30-1. The play has to be Multiplier. You can make some serious coin with NYRA Bets with their Barstool Exclusive offer of Bet $150, Get $150 sign up bonus. 

And as always when I give you my predictions remember….I own horses and you don’t. That makes me an expert and you Joe schmoe.

NYRA Bets + My Pick = Free Money. No Brainer.