Baylor Football Would Have "Bonding Rituals" Where They Had Dog Fights Then Drugged And "Ran Trains" On Freshman Girls At House Parties, According To A New Lawsuit


The plaintiff, who filed the lawsuit as “Jane Doe,” remembers hearing the players yell, “Grab her phone! Delete my numbers and texts!” following the rape in an off-campus apartment with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, according to the suit.

According to the suit, the football team had a system of hazing freshman recruits by having them bring freshman females to parties to be drugged and gang raped, “or in the words of the football players, ‘trains’ would be run on the girls.” [Waco Trib]

I don’t even fundamentally understand the situation at Baylor.   Like my brain can’t even comprehend what I’m reading every single time one of these reports comes out.  And they are endless.  If you’re keeping track at home we’re at 52 rape allegations over the course of 4 years.  We’re on the 7th Title IX lawsuit.  We’re getting detailed reports describing graphic scenarios and naming names.   This one is probably the worst one yet.

Baylor’s response wasn’t denial by the way – it was that, yeah, they’re aware of it, they’ve been trying to settle it quietly for years.

Remember when Art Briles wrote a letter basically claiming he was a great guy who didn’t do anything wrong?