Are We Positive The Nashville Predators Aren't Purposely Trying To Murder John Gibson?

All I’m saying is that if you have 2 separate goals disallowed within 8 seconds of each other due to goaltender interference, it begs the question. At the very least, somebody has to look into this. BountyGate 2.0? I wouldn’t be shocked. Because it’s a foolproof plan.


The goalie can’t stop your shots if there’s no goalie in the net because you murdered his dumbass.

And that’s just playoff hockey. That’s doing whatever it takes to get the win. The Nashville Predators are now just 6 more wins away from immortality. Anybody who has ever laced up a pair of skates before has dreamed about winning the Stanley Cup. The Predators are 6 wins away from accomplishing that. You’re gonna tell me that you wouldn’t murder a goalie to achieve your lifelong dream? You’re either soft as Charmin or you’re a liar.

And even though they didn’t fully complete their objective, they still got the job done.

Gibson is so worried about getting his head taken off at any given moment that he doesn’t even react to giving up that rebound. Peter Laviolette preaches playing the game with some JAM. I don’t think it gets any jammier than beating the ever living shit out of the goalie to the point of submission. Again, that’s just playoff hockey.

P.S. – I know I was critical of the Predators’ anthem singer yesterday when he’s been throwing his fit over being replaced during the playoffs by country acts. But I actually have to side with him now after the Preds brought in Keith Urban for the anthem last night. I’m sorry but what in the fuck is an Australian doing singing the Star Spangled Banner before a professional playoff hockey game? Underwood is fine. Luke Bryan is fine. But an Australian who still highlights his hair? Now your just kicking Dennis Morgan in the balls for the fun of it.