No One Flops Quite Like a Chinese Scam Artist (Except For Maybe Lebron and Every Soccer Player)

It’s truly a dog-eat-dog world out here in China (also a man-eat-dog world in a few parts of the country but we’re not gonna talk about that today.) It seems like everyday I hear about some new method the Chinese have invented to scam each other. This “feign injury in a traffic accident in order to extort money from drivers” scam you see being attempted in the above videos is so prevalent in China that it has it’s own word: Pengci. It’s so common in China that it’s also partially responsible for why many Chinese passerbys won’t help an injured person they see on the street; they’re afraid they’ll be blamed for the injury and sued for compensation. I mean just check out the video below where a guy gets legitimately demolished by a car and bystanders carry on like it’s business as usual. It’s the boy who cried wolf/chinese pedestrian who cried traffic accident effect. 

Thankfully, the advent of dash cams and the fact police are now trained to recognize this type of extortion has made the problem a little less severe. Nonetheless, the Chinese flop is definitely here to stay.

While we are on the topic let’s settle this once and for all, who’s better at Flopping? Lebron or Chinese Scam-Artists? 1 for Beijing Street Divers or 10 for King James.

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