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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Sent Really Specific Texts To His Girlfriend About How He Was Going To Kill Her?

spec texts

Iowa Press-Citizen- Police have arrested a man for harassment after he allegedly sent multiple threatening and disturbing messages to a female victim and later entering her home without permission. According to an Iowa City Police complaint, 26-year-old Steven M. Keever, address not listed in the complaint, sent a series of “profane and concerning electronic messages” to a female victim on April 1. In the messages, Keever indicated multiple ways in which he planned to kill the victim, police say: In one message, Keever said he would start an electrical fire to burn down the woman’s home because such fires are difficult to investigate and he would get away with it, according to police. In a different message, Keever said he would use poison so the victim would die slowly, police say.

I have zero respect for this guy.  Zero.  I actually hate his guts.  Why?  Because he’s nothing more than a more intense version of the “Hold me back” guy in a fight.  Just the worst.  We all have that friend or at least know a person who has a few too many drinks, starts talking shit to everybody who accidentally bumps them at the bar or even glances up at them but you know will never actually do anything about it.  Sometimes that friend gets really specific about the way he’s going to beat up the innocent bystander who just so happened to unfortunately have to take a piss at the same time as your drunk friend.  At some point you just want them to do it because you’re tired of hearing about it.  That’s this guy taking it to the next level.  Yeah he talks a good game.  Says he’s going to murder his girlfriend by starting an electrical fire and burn down the house because that’s hard to investigate.  Or that he’s going to poison her.  Cool man.  Those plans aren’t terrible I guess.  But are you just going to keep text her oddly specific ways that you’re going to kill her?  Because if you are then that just makes you “that guy” and nobody likes that guy.  Either man up and do it or cut it out.

PS- That hair is glamorous as fuck and I’m incredibly jealous of it.