Tune In Tonight To The Electric Chair – NBA Lottery Edition At 8:30 PM On Facebook Live And Periscope


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for fans of awful NBA teams and fans of good NBA teams that robbed Billy King blind once upon a time. That’s right I’m talking about the NBA Lottery! So the Mickstape fellas figured the best way to celebrate this wonderful occasion would be to broadcast said fans having their proverbial hearts ripped out by ping pong balls and very confusing math equations that I still don’t understand. We will have Coley representing the Celtics, Tyler sitting in for Magic fans across the globe, Smitty and Rone trusting the process for the Sixers while wishing harder for the Lakers to fall out of the Top 3 than even Tommy Henisohn, and myself repping the perennial sicking ship known as the Knicks. I am going in fully expecting the Knicks to defy all the odds and drop from 7 to 10, but the X-Factor is Clyde Frazier. If anyone can reverse the curse of being owned by James Dolan, it is the coolest guy on the planet. However I have the tweet of Dolan playing that fucking kazoo ready in case shit goes south yet again.

So again tune into this madness/sadness/gladness/other word that ends in “adness” on Facebook Live or Periscope at 8 PM. The link will be on the homepage, app, and social accounts.

And here is my one and only time using the NBA Lottery Machine on today. I don’t love slipping to 7, but I’d glaaaaaadly take De’Aaron Fox at that spot.