Berlusconi Calls France's Sex Scandal Teacher First Lady Macron's "Mom"


SourceFormer Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has described France’s new president Emmanuel Macron as a “good-looking lad with a good-looking mom,” an apparent reference to the French president’s wife, who is 24 years older than the newly-elected leader.

Speaking at a mayoral candidate’s event in Monza, Italy, on Monday, Berlusconi called Macron a “39-year-old lad, with good work experience under him and most of all with a good-looking mom who has carried him under her arm when he was still a child,” Italian media reported.

The former PM did not explicitly mention the name of Macron’s wife, Brigitte Trogneux.

His comments are more than a little ironic, considering 80-year-old Berlusconi – famous for his  ‘bunga bunga’ parties and affinity for younger ladies – is dating a woman 49 years his junior.

I’m not hating on Silvio Berlusconi for hating on my favorite world leader and his wife. What man can’t admire an 80-year-old coot banging a 31-year-old? I respect his bunga-bunga party game as much as the next guy. And besides, he can’t help it. He’s a relic from an earlier time. A man whose worldview was shaped during a time when rich old men used their power to get hot young women to pleasure their disgustingly droopy scrotums. It was how life worked. And you can’t fault him for understanding that while he’s been defiling his smokeshow girlfriend, the world changed. The currency of the future now isn’t a trophy wife. It’s a Sex Scandal Teacher.

The public now has a much better appreciation for a man who could break up his drama teacher’s marriage at the age of 15 than some rich old unwrapped mummy forcing a young lady to debase herself before his ED medicine wears off. The ability to wreck a home before you’ve even gotten a driver’s license is real power. And that’s the paradigm for our world leaders in this still new millennium.

So go ahead and ridicule the new Napoleon and his SST first lady, you withered old prune. He’s got something much more valuable than your girlfriend’s smoking looks and incredible rack. He’s got the respect of Sex Scandal Teacher fans the world around. No money can buy that.