Please Don’t Talk Smack And Throw The First Punch If You’re Only Gonna Get Bodyslammed To The Earth’s Core

Hey, bullies. Here’s a little tip: Don’t start shit and fire the first bullet if you’re just gonna end up being put to sleep. Just not a good look for a nap. Also, probably not wise to start shit when you’re 100lbs soaking wet, ESPECIALLY with a HS wrestler. Forget about the risk at any moment of being put in a full nelson that’ll make your nose and balls meet for the first time. You don’t fuck with someone who once went a week without eating solid foods and still could run 10 miles a day in a windbreaker. All solely to make weight and flop around on a surface infected with ringworm with another male in spandex. Crazy like a fox.

I LOVE it when the bullies get bullied in the end. Can’t get enough. We’ve seen it before, like how this big boy below who straight up ATE punches faster than his Lunchables then went full WWE on the aggressor. That’s what you get for starting a fight in jorts, or just in general.