Aaron Hernandez' Girlfriend's Dr. Phil Interview is the Waste of Time You Knew it Would Be

CNNStill wearing her engagement ring, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez told Phil McGraw of the talk show, “Dr. Phil,” that the guilty verdict in Odin Lloyd’s murder, for which [Aaron] Hernandez was serving a life sentence, was “a shock to all of us. We were definitely leaning more toward an innocent verdict.”

The interview will be aired over two days. On Monday, Jenkins-Hernandez didn’t address rumors Hernandez was gay and whether he killed himself so she could collect millions in insurance. The end-of-show teaser indicated those subjects would be discussed on Tuesday. She did, however, say the phrase “You’re rich” in a suicide note found by Hernandez’s body referenced their love.

Asked if she believed her fiancee was guilty of Lloyd’s murder, Jenkins-Hernandez said, “I truly don’t. I’ve said it over and over. He may have been at the wrong place, wrong time, but I don’t think what is said to be out there is actually accurate.” …

Asked if any of Hernandez’s friends made her nervous, or if she’d ever confronted Hernandez about his friends, she said no.

“Everyone has their own choice in friends. He didn’t have the best choice in some friends, but that didn’t make him a bad person,” she said. “I wouldn’t say I felt uncomfortable in my home. I separated myself. … I pick and choose my battles, and there’s some things that I pressed on and some things I didn’t.”

Here’s something I rarely say. And by “rarely” I mean not one time. I want to thank Dr. Phil. He’s actually done a service to the public in general and me in particular by doing this Shayanna Jenkins show over two days. I was worried I was actually going to have to invest my time on this bullshit as part of my job. But nope. One short clip and a couple of quotes is all I need to know that my instincts were correct and this is a colossal waste of the time of anyone watching it. Even the shut ins, layabouts and teen moms that make up his audience. This is like those ads CBS shows during football games for 2 Broke Girls that saves you from ever accidentally watching 2 Broke Girls.

Yeah, this is a huge time saver because it allows me to skip everything else Shayanna has to say because she has nothing to say. I can just skip ahead to the part where I reduce her to an archetype. The victimized, bad boy’s girlfriend with terrible taste in men who can’t admit to herself he had a daughter with a sociopath who’d murder his friend and hers and then come home and sleep next to her like baby.

Did your boyfriend kill himself? Nope. The jail guards expertly forged his note, then managed to get a bedsheet around the neck of a 6-3, 250 lb athlete to make it look like a suicide. Did he kill Odin Lloyd? Nope. Was he a bad guy? Nope. Just had bad friends. Did you worry about his bad friends? Nope. I’d leave the room and go search recipes on Pintrest. And Spoiler Alert: Was he gay? Nope.

I get it. She’s still got a daughter to provide for and the only shot she has as some of the millions Hernandez stole from that little girl when he decided to go all Patrick Bateman on everyone is to not come clean, not give Dr. Phil any info and lie to everyone. Unconvincingly. But we don’t have to watch. And I for one appreciate it.