BBC Reporter Moves Chick In Background Aside By Pushing Her Boob

I honestly have no clue how the internet will react to this. Part of me says that this was just an innocent mistake by a dude trying to move some lurker out of frame and the Brits are extra cheeky about this stuff (I think I used that term correctly). But part of me says that it will be met with the internet outrage machine churning full speed ahead. I mean if this was the reaction of a boob grab in the 90s, what will it be in today’s society?

Yet the biggest shock of this video wasn’t the boob grab but the chick’s reaction. You gotta go for the timeless slap in the face if a guy touches your boob, right? Having carte blanche to slap guys in the face anytime they clearly did something wrong would be one of my favorite parts about being a girl. Having to worry about pregnancy and periods for a good chunk of your adult life should come with some sort of perk. Shoulder slaps are for joke boob grabs that are consensual. Face slaps are for rando reporter boob grabs.

Also shout out to pink shirt for keeping his wits about him during that entire exchange. Dude is here to strictly talk labour manifesto launches and nothing else. Pinky ain’t about that titty grab life.