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This Bicyclist's Brain Is Leaking Out Of His Ears After Taking A Hard As Shit Fall

Move over Lance Armstrong, there’s a new bicyclist I’m going to pretend to care about, and his name is Toms Skujins. Dude turned his own brain into mashed potatoes, nearly got run over by a stampede of bikers like he was Mufasa trying to save Simba, and still got back on his bike and tried to finish the race. If this was LeBron…nevermind.

What a fucking effort by our guy Toms. And I love that apparently there is no concussion protocol in competitive bike riding, either. When it comes down to it, 4 year old kids know how to ride a bike, that’s basically the same as a 30 year old man riding a bike. There’s nothing a toddler who sometimes shits his pants can do that an adult with a minor headache/brains leaking everywhere can’t do. Sucks he dropped out of the race, but he definitely earned the respect of casual Twitter viewers of bike accidents everywhere.