I Think Matthew McConaughey Is Telling Us That Rust Cohle Is Coming Back?

*eyes emoji, eyes emoji, eyes emoji*

I’m just connecting the dots here, ladies and gentlemen. Last month we get the news that True Detective is coming back for a third season and Pizzolatto has already written a handful of episodes, then we hear that McConaughey would be interested in reprising his role as the incredible Rust Cohle, now he’s in Tampa looking EXACTLY like Rust Cohle? That crazy motherfucker is coming back! There’s no doubt in my mind, Rust Cohle is back for season three.

Season one of True Detective was arguably my favorite season of television ever. I was captivated by that shit so much so that it kinda ruined regular tv for me. I haven’t dove into a reddit rabbit hole since the season finale because other shows just aren’t fun enough, there aren’t enough easter eggs and writing intricacies for the threads to keep my attention until 4 in the morning.

The acting, the directing, the writing, it was all incredible. And it hinged on Matthew McConaughey’s performance. Vince Vaughn tried to play the Rust Cohle character saying weird shit in season two and it wasn’t even close to the same. Be that because he didn’t have the chops or because he didn’t have Woody Harrelson to play off, it just didn’t work.

But you put Matty Mc back in the game and I am ALLLLLLL the way back in. I’m in for whatever they want to do. Prequel where Rust was undercover in the biker gang? Let’s go. Sequel to see what’s happened since the Yellow King? Sign me up. Do whatever you want with Rust Cohle and I promise you I’ll be on the couch Sunday nights.