Lead Singer Of Avenged Sevenfold, M. Shadows, Joins Barstool Gametime LIVE At 6pm In A Battle To The Death

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Could it be? Could the cold streak that has morphed into the Smitty Ice Age finally start to be warming up? Probably not. Especially after esteemed gamer M. Shadows attempts to take me behind the woodshed in the likes of the virtual world. Tonight we’re looking into a few things Mortal Kombat X, COD, and Guitar Hero or Rock Band – the latter two are games where the band Avenged Sevenfold is actually featured. Kind of cool.

6 pm tonight. @BarstoolSports on Twitch. Winner sacrifices the loser. Kidding but you can never judge a person with full sleeve tats, so maybe not really. And, yes, this is assuming another act of God doesn’t occur in which will leave me with my rock metal cock in my hands. Which is a big assumption.