Eddie Lacy Just Made $55k For Not Being Fat

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At first glance, 55 thousand dollars for not being huge is a pretty nice paycheck. Would I do it? Most likely. If regular jobs offered weight loss incentives then that would absolutely be the kick in the ass I need to start working out again. I’m sure of it. It definitely would be.

But would it really be? Because here’s a fact you might not know, not working out is infinitely more fun than working out. That money isn’t even all that much and it absolutely isn’t real, it’s something you might not reach even if you try, those Oreos and that couch are both real and easily attainable. Actual Oreos trump fantasy money every single day of the year.

And look, I understand that if you use your head and do the math then if you just work a little bit you could afford way more Oreos in the not so distant future. It’s a nice dream. But who knows if tomorrow will even come? Working hard for future money is on par with saving money in the bank, what’s the point? Who knows if you’ll live until that weigh-in day? Would you bet your life to guarantee me that I’ll be alive in two weeks? Of course wouldn’t, that’s extraordinarily dangerous. Absolutely anything could happen to me then you’d be forced to either kill yourself or live with the reputation that you don’t pay your absurd bets. Tough choice.

So what’s the point of this, really? What’s $55,000? Money doesn’t bring happiness, junk food and Netflix bring happiness. Especially when you consider how much Lacy has made in his life, 55k is chump change. If I’m a millionaire then I’m not doing a single crunch or counting a calorie for anything less than six figures.