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Can You Propose To Your Girlfriend Right After You Get Your Ass Kicked?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk did her thing on Saturday, and laid waste to yet another victim. This time, it was Jessica Andrade who was given the unfortunate task of standing opposite Joanna in the Octagon, and she lost a brutal 50-45, 50-45, 50-44 decision where she never even stood a chance. After the fight, Andrade got on the mic, and said the following (in Portuguese):

“I came here to be champ, but I’m still early in my career. I will still be coming back. But today, I want to make a big special request to my girlfriend, who is here, I want to ask her (hand) in marriage.”

Her girlfriend, for some FUCKED UP reason, said yes. Like, she just watched a vicious killer assault her girlfriend for 25 minutes and still agreed to marry her. After Andrade was the ultimate loser in the biggest fight of her career. Not to just use the same buzzword we always use, but that’s preposterous. The balls on Andrade to even propose in that situation are MASSIVE. You can’t, right? Plan on proposing in the case of a miracle win, but have a fall back plan in case of a loss. Ring in the champagne, romantic walk on the beach, something like that. Not after you get your face smashed in the Octagon from a distance through a translator through Joe Rogan. Too many steps, too little happiness. You lose, sir.