Helicopter Pilot Gets A Little Hungry So He Lands His Chopper At A McDonalds And Grabs Some Grub

Mashable- A helicopter pilot with the munchies landed his chopper next to a McDonald’s to grab some food. At approximately 4:20 pm (seriously) on Saturday, a pilot landed his his chopper onto the lawn next to a McDonald’s in northwest Sydney, got out of the aircraft, entered the restaurant to get food, got back into the helicopter, and flew away.  But in the modern day of documenting every single thing that you do, the man snapped a photo of his chopper in front of McDonald’s before flying away, because stories.  “Oh, for real?” a man can be heard asking in the clip. “I thought it was an emergency.” Nope. Dude just wanted some Macca’s. According to 9 News Australia, concerned citizens sent the news outlet a video of the incident, and although it’s bit unusual, the landing may not have been illegal. The  Civil Aviation Safety Authority says that as long as the pilot had the permission of the land owner, the pilot could technically use it to land his aircraft and get some grub as long as it was safe.


4:20 broooooooo. This isn’t a big deal at all by the way. Did anybody get hurt? Nope. Did McDonalds get some publicity? Yep. Did a hungry helicopter man get some delicious McDonalds fries? Yep. Winners all around. Winners as far as the eye can see. When you gotta eat, you gotta eat. I like how it wasn’t technically illegal either. I guess in Australia you can just land a chopper anywhere you want at any time? That’s how I envisioned Australia already I guess so it’s good to get some confirmation on that. Let’s also not pretend like the helicopter pilot didn’t just want to prove that he could do it. That’s the real reason he landed in that spot. 1000%. It’s not cause he was starving. It’s not cause he wanted a Big Mac. He knew the kind of attention this would get. He knew his other helicopter pilot friends would see this and he could rub it in their faces. I’m actually surprised he didn’t land the chopper on the roof for extra style points. I feel like all helicopter pilots are sneaky hardos. Also, do you think helicopter pilots make fun of airplane pilots behind their backs since planes need a running start and they don’t? I bet they do.