My Pal Stipe Miocic Picked Up Another Win This Weekend On His Way To Becoming The Greatest Heavyweight All Of Time

UFC 211: Miocic v Dos Santos 2

After training under Octagon Bob’s guidance for the first time, Stipe Miocic retained his UFC Heavyweight Championship on Saturday, picking up a first round TKO of Junior Dos Santos. Let’s take a look back at that training session:

The fight only lasted 2 minutes, so there’s not a ton to talk about, but Stipe looked phenomenal (other than not knowing how to check a leg kick which almost broke his shin an ended the fight instantly). Rogan brought that up in the post fight interview and it seemed to annoy Miocic, when he quickly retaliated “The fight didn’t really go that long so I don’t see how it hampered me”, which is like, whatever. I mean, you won the fight, buddy. You can admit that you were limping a bit. I’d probably BRAG about how much it hampered my movement. Like, “Yeah my leg is broken, I can’t feel it at all, and I still knocked him out. Anyone else wanna try me? I’ll go right now!”

I don’t know if it’s estrogen or something that’s released in Stipe’s brain after he wins fights, but I hope one day I feel that feeling. The guy just goes bananas. After he won the title he had that thousand yard Get Out stare while he screamed “WE DID IT! WE DID IT! I’M THE FUCKIN CHAMPION. I’M THE FUCKIN CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!”. After this fight, he looked straight into the barrel of the camera and screamed “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY MOM, AND ALL OF THE GREAT MOTHERS OUT THERE!”. He goes batshit insane for a few seconds, then snaps out of it.

Anyway, congrats to my pal Stipe on tying the record for most Heavyweight Championship defenses at two (2). Keep that belt warm for me. I’ll bulk up. Eventually.