Spurs Move Past The Rockets After Closing Out Game 6

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I’m a San Antonio guy. I don’t listen to local sports radio much while I drive around town, but when I do, the radio hosts are always shitting on Lamarcus Aldridge. The hosts always compare him to Tim Duncan which is just unfair.

So when Kawhi had to sit out Game 6 with a foot injury, you kinda had to hope that Lamarcus would step up. He did just that. 34 points and 12 rebounds in a clinching game to send the Spurs to the Western Conference Finals should be just enough to make the haters and losers, of which there are many, shut up for a couple of days.

That won’t be the case for ole James Harden. Just horrific play from an MVP guy.

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Not good.

The Spurs get to face the Warriors now. Hopefully there’s a parade like this when that series is is over as well.