Lenny Clarke Is An Enigma To Me

I know I’ve written about Lenny Clarke before but the Devnest deleted it. I still don’t fundamentally understand this guy. He is always everywhere. He’s sitting front row at Red Sox, Celtics, everything. He’s like the defacto face of Boston sports. How? Why? Who gives him these tickets? Is he just the greatest schmoozer of all time? Is it a generational thing? I don’t get it at all. He’s like the most fake famous person of all time. Or is he? Is he legit famous? I have no idea anymore. All I know is whenever I see him he’s doing shit like this. Just totally overacting his love for Boston and making sure he is front and center with everything. I mean there is just no way he was that excited about a made free throw in a massacre basketball game. But yet he had to stand up and go nuts so everybody would see him. It’s classic Lenny. Bottomline is I have no idea how he continues to sit front row at everything, but yet he does. Don’t hate the playa hate the game I guess.