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Dude Gets Two Ballpoint Pens Removed From His Body After 36 Years

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May 10 (UPI) — Doctors in China said they surgically removed two ballpoint pens from a man who swallowed them more than three decades ago. Surgeons at the hospital in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, said the man, surnamed Wang, told them he swallowed the pens as part of a lost bet when he was just 14 years old — 36 years ago. Wang told the doctors he forgot about swallowing the writing implements until February, when they showed up on an X-ray during a body examination.

Where’s the loyalty? That’s what I wanna know. I couldn’t care less about this guy’s surgery. I want to know why the surgery happened in the first place. Why have the surgery if you don’t need it? Why have any surgery if you don’t need it? I’m not a doctor but I think they usually advise against any scenario where you have your body sliced open. Also it’s just super fucked up that this dude got those pens removed. That’s what makes me the most angry. Those pens have been with him for 36 YEARS. Those pens are the most consistent thing he had in his life. Those pens have seen multiple girlfriends, multiple jobs, multiple cars, houses, apartments, marriages, friends deaths, everything. Literally everything That dude is a completely different person than who he was when he swallowed those bad boys. And how are they rewarded? By being ripped out by a surgeon and thrown the trash. Sad. You gotta take them to the grave.