Take A Second And Watch This Caddy Throw A Ball Onto The 17th Green At TPC Sawgrass

I gotta tell ya, I’m super impressed by that. Hell of an arm on that caddy. If we’re being totally honest I would’ve rather done that than hit endless shots at the island green when we were down there. Although I don’t think I could get it there. I probably would’ve ended up in the water somehow. I always think I can throw really far and then I do it and it goes almost nowhere and my arm hurts for a week. Always. This needs to be the new caddy races like they used to do at the WMPO. During every practice round of The Players have every caddy throw a ball at the island green and see who gets the closest. Pretty sure that’s a million dollar idea that they could broadcast and everyone would watch. Make it a must-see event. Like the Par 3 Contest at the Masters. Maybe have Kevin Kisner’s caddy try and punt a ball onto the green. Have fun with it. That idea is free.