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As Much As I Hate Wheelie Kids, This Is One Of The More Impressive Displays Of Human Greatness I've Ever Seen

There are very few bigger threats to society than Wheelie Kids. These kids just whip in and out of traffic begging drivers to hit them. The fact that we don’t hear about at least one death due to wheelies every night on the news is baffling. They treat the road like it’s some lawless, reckless abandon. I’ve made my stance against Wheelie Kids very clear since day 1. With that being said….

This was incredible. I mean this kid rides a dirt bike better than I can walk. And I’ve been walking for about 24 years now so far. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, too. I can walk forward, walk backward, can go to the side. I can go up hills, I can walk downhills. I can speed it up to a brisk jog. It’s pretty heckin’ sweet. But every once in a while, the front of one foot will hit the back of the other foot, I’ll stumble a little, compose myself and look around to see if anybody noticed, and then go on about the rest of my day. The point here is that this kid didn’t even stumble once. While poppin’ a wheelie at ridiculously high speeds while dodging in and out of traffic. So even though I hate 99.5% of all wheelie kids in the world, this one is good to go in my book. He’s earned it.