Deadpool Is Being Made Into An Animated TV Show Co-Created By Donald Glover

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“Deadpool” is heading to TV — in animated form.

FXX is working on an animated series for Marvel’s “Deadpool,” which will be created by Donald Glover and Stephen Glover, Variety has learned.

The untitled show has been given a straight-to-series order, with a 10-episode first season expected to debut in 2018.

“Atlanta” creator and Golden Globe winner Donald Glover and his brother, “Atlanta” staff writer Stephen Glover, will serve as showrunners, executive producers and writers of the series. Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory are executive producers. The untitled series is produced by Marvel Television in association with FX Productions and ABC Signature Studios for FXX.

“How much more fun could this be? Deadpool, Donald and FX – the perfect fit for the Merc with the Mouth,” Loeb said. “We’re thrilled that our relationship with FX that started with ‘Legion’ continues with what is sure to be a groundbreaking show in adult animation.”

I mean this is great news all around. After the incredible reception the original Deadpool movie received, it’s pretty obvious we need more Deadpool in our lives, and the very talented Donald Glover is going to give it to us. Glover is quietly on a very nice hot streak in terms of getting big time roles of late.

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The transition he’s made from Childish Gambino to being involved in major film productions is wild. Dude is going to be the voice of Simba and Lando in the Han Solo movie, that’s insane. Even his minor role in The Martian where he played the guy who came up with the idea to save Matt Damon was pretty awesome.

With Glover at the helm, and the head animation guys from Archer getting involved, I’m pretty confident in this being a success. The big question will be who is going to be the voice of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds would be the obvious choice, but it’s almost a pipe dream to think he would come onto TV at this moment. Currently on his schedule (IMDB) he’s got Deadpool 2 and an appearance in X Force (Deadpool related) to film and that’s it. So maybe it’s not that far fetched he could do animation? With the wide success that Archer has had over the last few years there is definitely a big audience for adult animation and Deadpool could absolutely kill this. If they get Reynolds some how this would almost be must watch every single episode.