Derek Jeter Thanks New York

GOOSEBUMPS! It’s Derek Jeter weekend so I’ll be posting a lot about him and things will probably get emotional. With the team playing so well, it was easy not to miss him as much this year, but then the Players Tribune drops this gem on us. This video isn’t for casual Yankee fans either. This is for New Yorkers.

They showed so much of real New York from the bodega clerk, to the chess in the park, to the construction workers, to the asian lady that makes 50% of her income from selling those cat dolls that have one arm that goes up and down. None of the “I just moved here from some bullshit midwest city on 2008 and I like arugula on my pizza ‘New Yorkers'”. I’m talking about New Yorkers who know this whole video to be true, because they lived it.

The haters will be out in full force this weekend trying to tear down Jeter’s career, but don’t let them bother you. The pizza and bagels suck where they’re from.

PS: I miss dirty old New York.