Caps Lose Game 7

Not even mad, just laughing. I don’t know what to type right now. It’s just like…why did I think it would go any other way? The Cleveland Curse- broken. Cubs Curse- broken. Caps Curse- as strong as ever. 40 whatever years and counting, no Cups. It’s painful. It sucks. My dad, my poor dad. Original season ticket holder and watches every game with nothing to show for it. It’s so sick.

The team this year was so good. Dominant. That first 10 minutes when we had 1,000 chances and couldn’t put one in, we knew it was done.

I loved this team all year. They were so good. Defense was amazing. Goaltending was amazing. The offense was well rounded with all 4 lines rolling. But man, just couldn’t pull it out in this series. Now I guess we’ll see what happens in the offseason.

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