One. More.

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No doubt about it, this was one of, if not the best efforts from the Celtics this entire postseason in a game they absolutely had to have. Lose this game and chances are that’s a wrap. Instead, they came out with an energy we haven’t seen so far this series, busted out a quick 16-0 run in the first quarter and never looked back. So much for the Wizards having all that momentum and contrary to Nate’s previous blog after GM4 this series is not over. It is very much alive. After the collapses in WSH this team needed a wire to wire blowout like this in the worst way. Unable to blow teams out all year they picked a great time to finally do it.

What more can you say about the performance from Al Horford. All that bitching about a no show game in December looks pretty silly now doesn’t it? He was aggressive, he played with emotion, he showed you why he is a max player. Throw in the MUCH needed secondary scoring from Avery and the Celtics didn’t even need Isaiah to win this game (but he went ahead and threw up a 18/9 anyway). That is BANANAS. Crazy what can happen when his teammates pick up the slack.

At the end of the day the Celtics did what each team had done in this series and that’s win at home. Now if they could just do us all a favor and not shit their pants in WSH for the first time all year, that would be greatly appreciated.

Full blog tomorrow, in the meantime….cheers!