Russian Foreign Minister Mocks Comey: "Was he fired? You're kidding."

Look I know Russia is out to get us and they only care about Russia and sticking it to America and we may be heading towards some Spielberg-style doomsday confrontation with them, but I can’t not laugh at this. Great little jab from the Russian Foreign Minister. “Was he fired? You’re kidding. You’re kidding!” Then hits ‘em with that little “omg no way” shrug. Hilarious. Comey of course being the man who was leading the investigation into Russian meddling in our election. Scouring thousands and thousands of docs involving Trump people and Russian people (probably Lavrov) in an effort to prove they fucked with our shit to get the result they wanted. Comey, who declared in front of Congress that Russia is indeed our adversary and wants to harm us.

CONGRESSWOMAN: So my first question to each of you is, is Russia our adversary? Mr. Comey?


CONGRESSWOMAN: Is — do they intend to do us harm?

ROGERS (CIA director): They intend to ensure, I believe, that they gain advantage at our expense.

CONGRESSWOMAN: Director Comey?

COMEY: Yes, I wanna be — harm can have many meetings. They’re an adversary and so they wanna resist us, oppose us, undermine us, in lots of different ways.

Yeah, there’s a reason Lavrov is mocking him. Guy definitely popped some vodka and started funneling it through Russian hookers’ arses when the Comey news broke last night.