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Mike Huckabee Says CNN Now Stands For "Cardiac Care Network" (Please Note That Would Be CCN)

Listen I ain’t here to get political. I had never heard of Comey’s name until yesterday. The reaction seems to be shocking enough that it was probably a rash decision. Trump’s being investigated by the FBI and then he fires the head of the FBI. Not good. It’s like trying to arrest a cop who’s arresting you or trying to kick a bouncer out of the bar. I’m not an expert in these matters.

But I am en expert in talking shit on the internet. I mean, an expert. A man can be an artist in anything…food, whatever. Depends on how good he is at it. Mike Huckabee is NOT an artist when it comes to talking shit. Those Twitter Fingers aren’t exactly intimidating. Number one rule of Twitter fights is don’t be corny. Even if he got the letters right, Cardiac Care Network is straight up Trent in his costume while eating niblets CORNY.

Rule number 2 is you can’t fuck up any of the words like this. A simple typo can ruin a good burn. A common mistake can derail the whole thing. But when you’ve clearly put all this effort into coming up with an acronym and comparing it to the news network you GOTTA get the letters right, Huckabee! You toe tapping Jesus Freak! You know he hit send and just say back like “KOBE!” thinking he nailed it only to find out the whole internet is clowning him for not knowing how letters work. Classic old-guy-probably-in-the-closet tweeting.