Crossing Your Mom Up In Hoops And Then Posting It On Instagram Is Absolutely Ruthless

Good luck ever getting dessert for the rest of your life kid. Bye bye PlayStation 5. Hasta luego ZO2s. And a week before Mother’s Day no less! Instagram likes and viral status is temporary. Moms are forever. Now granted, this was a mismatch of epic proportions. That mom shouldn’t be moving outside of the dotted semi-circle in the paint while on defense and that kid clearly has game out the ass. If you want to expose some random kid trying to guard you in high school hoops and have his broken ankles go viral, by all means go for it.

(All-time classic right there)

But to do that to the woman that harbored you in her womb for 9 months while wearing slip-ons is cold-blooded. Ruthless. As disrespectful as it gets. And don’t think the dad is going to escape that wrath either. I see a cold shoulder and accommodations for one in the Chateau Bow Wow one day for every like this video receives on Instagram.