A Cabbie Got Caught Littering On Camera So He Proceeded To Unleash Some Of The Most Aggressive Cab Driver Shit Talk Imaginable

YouTube – Taxi cab driver in Toronto goes crazy after asking him why he was littering. Almost attacks me for asking him why he was mad!

Tell em why you mad son tell em why you mad! And obviously the cab driver — I actually think both these guys might be cabbies but #noracist don’t wanna assume — is going way over the top with his various “take a picture of my dick/show said picture of my dick to the women in your family” and “suck my dick” insults. Along with trying to attack the other guy, it was perhaps a bit of an overreaction to someone filming you. I think we can all agree there.

But to start the whole “I’m going to film you to document how correct I am in this issue” thing that people online love doing over littering??? I dunno man. The cabbie should have picked up his trash, littering is a dick move (as demonic child-possessing spirit Captain Planet has made so abundantly clear over the years). But if he doesn’t, so fucking what. Do you have any idea how much litter there is in the world? And you’re going to butt your nose in, maybe even risk your life, over that? The guy filming didn’t seem like a bad dude by any stretch given how he took every barb and mostly turned the other cheek with no quality insults thrown back…but was he a bit of a buttinski? I would say so.

More than anything though the main takeaway is this: Do not cross an ornery cab driver. They’re dealing with passengers who might be rude or even if polite outright ignore them as if they’re a robot driver, they’re pissing in bottles just to make enough money to make the driving worthwhile, many of them are away from their families or friends and can only keep in contact by talking to them on a headset 8 hours a day while driving, there’s a lot of stress there. And where there’s a lot of stress, there’s way more likely to be a snap. Emotionally that cab driver was a rubber band stretched to his limits, when you interrupt his minute of peace eating whatever food out of a bag he was going to town on, that’s begging to snap that rubber band in half. Truckers, people who had a long trip somewhere, it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid confrontation with anyone who’s been in a car for more than 8 hours.