This Convenience Store Worker Putting In SKU Numbers At An Extreeeemely Rapid Pace Is Fascinating To Watch

Nothing like watching a man doing exactly what he was placed on Earth to do. Mozart was born to tickle the ivories. Michael Jordan was born to play basketball. George Patton was born to lead men. And this random mamaluke was born to enter SKU numbers faster than anyone else on the planet. The On The Run in East Bumblefuck probably goes through like 6 machines a year because they can’t handle those fingers of fury. A whole boneyard of old SKU machines with their motor’s burnt out likely sit in a pile behind the convenience store’s dumpster just because this guy’s gift is also a curse. Technology may not able to harness those magical digits, but I bet it keeps his wife happy.

And as I write this, I realize this is the man that can take my #SpinSquad to another level. Get that guy a fidget spinner ASAP and lets see if he can take his talents to something a little more relevant in 2017. Because those are the fastest fingers I have seen since The Finger King was making his rounds at the AVNs in Vegas back in the day.

h/t Tim