Soccer Ref Pukes All Over The Field So His Ref Buddy Tosses A Red Card In His Face

Savage move from that other ref. Puking on the field was pretty savage but then his buddy dunked on him by throwing a red card right in his puke-covered face. He’s lucky he didn’t catch a punch to the jaw after that. Just wallowing in someone else’s misery. He had to be hungover. Had to be. I’d put being a ref while hungover at the top of the list of Hardest Jobs To Do While Hungover. I think it’s gotta be #1. At least if you have a cube job you can sit still and zone out for hours at a time. I used to do that all the time in my previous life. Talk to no one and slowly nurse yourself back to health. Hungover at work is never great but it’s easier when you can sit around, pretend to work and just slam water for 8 hours until you get to go home. Not a ref. A ref has to run up and down the field repeatedly which is the last thing anyone wants to do while they’re hungover as shit. So puking is gonna happen. It’s actually expected.