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Shoutout To Lil Bow Wow (Still Alive!) Posting That He's Flying On A Private Jet Then Getting Caught On Commercial

So where is that picture that Bow Wow claimed is his private jet from? Glad you asked, a Ft Lauderdale limo service’s website.

Bow Wow’s IG

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 2.04.42 PM

Limo site

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 2.04.33 PM

Poor celebrities. They can’t even pretend they have a better life on social media when their real life sucks like the rest of us do. You suffer through a tough breakup? You can take to Facebook and post pictures with hotties, holding bottles, and pretend you’re the happiest guy alive and not a terribly sad loser. Someone calls you broke? Oh yeah, well then how’d I tweet this picture of me next to a Mercedes that I totally own?

Celebrities don’t have those same freedoms as Shad Moss just painfully found out. You can’t steal pictures from the internet then wait for boarding class C on your Southwest flight because you WILL get found out while you’re sitting there, waiting for your free peanuts so you can finally get the first meal of the day in your stomach.

Tough time to be Lil Bow Wow so basically the same thing it’s been for the last decade.