Horrible Tweeter Grayson Murray Deletes His Twitter Account

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GOLF- In his first year on Tour, rookie Grayson Murray has made more headlines for his social media use than for his play on the course. Moving forward, it seems, he may be seeking to reverse that trend. The 23-year-old Murray deleted his Twitter handle Monday night or early Tuesday morning, which comes immediately after he split with caddie Mike Hicks mid-round at the Wells Fargo Classic on Sunday. Murray defended his actions on Twitter Monday night, saying it was a “disagreement, not an altercation, between myself and my caddie. It is a personal matter between the two of us.” That was one of Murray’s final tweets. (His Instagram account is still active.) Murray’s management team declined’s request for comment. PGA Tour spokesperson Ty Votaw declined to comment when asked if the Tour had any involvement in Murray deleting his account. He did say, however, that the Tour does discuss social media use with its players.


GOOD RIDDANCE. Finally. Get this dude outta here. He STINKS at Twitter. Absolutely stinks. Maybe the worst tweeter who ever tweeted. I kept following him cause he stunk so bad. I have a few people I follow on Twitter who I hate follow and Grayson was in that category. Just tweeting absolute nonsense every single day. Quoting tweeting anyone who disagrees with him, hitting on high school girls, etc etc. Never not once did he have a good tweet. Now he’s gone (for now). Do I think me and my pal Riggsy had something to do with this? Maybe. We went after him hard on this week’s Fore Play episode (download, rate, subscribe, we had David Feherty on this week) so I’m gonna go ahead and say yes with zero evidence to support that. That’s another win for the team. I’m sure Grayson will be back. He loves tweeting and the attention it brings too much to be gone forever but for now the Twitter streets are a better place.