The "Fire Dan Snyder" Shirt Is Extremely Disrespectful To Job Creators, But Who Am I To Stand In The Way Of A Winning Streak?

In America these days, the billionaire job creators have become public enemy number one. I guess its ok to take shots at them just because they manipulate our economy, goverment, paycheck, vacation time, and healthcare in order to serve their own personal needs without much of a care as to how it effects millions of others. Class warfare at its finest, folks. So I wasnt mad, just disappointed when I saw Nate’s “Fire Dan Snyder” shirt prominantly featured during Sunday nights game 5 Caps win verse the Penguins.


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And then the guy showed up last night in Pittsburgh for another improbable Caps playoff win over the Vile Penguins:

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Someone should tell this guy that its impossble to fire Snyder. Not because hes a owner, but because Dan Snyder has literally never been fired in his life. He’s actually never had a job that could fire him because he’s what we call a serial entrepeneur. Heck, even when he didnt have enough money to start his first company, he just started another one that specialized in acquiring money from his Dad, whom he had been cultivating a relationship with since he was born. Sorry he saw a opportunity inthe marketplace and capitalized on it. It took years of work to close that first deal.

But now you’ve got Nathan- more like Ralph Nater-  coming in like Bernie Sanders and taking pot shots at the rich when in realty if it weren’t for rich people, poor people would have no one to backstab each other in order to impress. So cheers to Mr Dan Snyder- a man whose so committed to job creation that he fires his GM or head coach every election year. And jeers to Nate for being a Hater.

That said, the shirt is good luck. The JNCO clutch Jeans started off hot but they have to be retired at least until the conference finals. But that Fire Dan Snyder shirt is hot right now, no matter what the message is. So Im going to buy one out of sheer loyalty to the cause not because I dont support Dan Snyders selfless mission to find endless ways to fuck up his team in progressively hilarious fashions, but because as a Caps fan I cant afford to let anything stand in between me and good luck.


PS Little free piece of legal advice to Dan Snyder- sue Nate personaly. If we’re doing a power ranking of sympatheic figures that Dan Snyder has sued, he woudnt even reach the top 10. Going after Nate would be incredble press compared to driving 75 year olds to the old folks home not renewing her 5-11 season tickets for the next million years. Send me the papers, I’ll serve him myself.