Guy Gets "Revenge" On His Ex By Sending 1100 Dudes From Grindr To His House


CNN - Over the past five months, Matthew Herrick says that 1,100 men have showed up at his home and workplace expecting to have sex with him. Herrick is suing Grindr, the popular dating app for gay and bisexual men, because of it.

According to the complaint, Herrick, 32, is the victim of an elaborate revenge scheme that’s playing out on Grindr’s platform. An ex-boyfriend of Herrick’s, who he says he met on Grindr, has allegedly been creating fake accounts since October 2016. The accounts have Herrick’s photos and personal details, including some falsehoods like a claim that that he’s HIV positive.

The ex allegedly invites men to Herrick’s apartment and the restaurant where he works. Sometimes as many as 16 strangers each day will show up looking for Herrick. In some instances, they are told not to be dissuaded if Herrick is resistant at first, “as part of an agreed upon rape fantasy or role play.”

The case raises important questions in the social media age about impersonation, stalking and harassment. CNN Tech contacted the ex-boyfriend for comment. He denied setting up fake accounts but declined to comment further.

If helping your ex move on from your relationship is wrong then I don’t want to be right. He gave the guy eleven hundred ways to move on and he’s suing the platform that made it all possible. What a jerk. The best way to get over a relationship is to get laid so what’s the issue?

Sure there were probably some less than ideal candidates that showed up but you’re getting sixteen new people a day. If you don’t like what you see go to sleep and you’ll have a new batch in the morning. It’s like The Bachelor: Grindr Edition except there’s no cameras and a much higher chance of murder.

I’m not buying that he didn’t hook up with a single one them either. Any normal human given that many options is going to take the bait at least once. Which makes his lawsuit against Grindr null and void. If you cum you can’t say you didn’t enjoy it. Case closed.

PS: Jokes on the ex for the worst revenge scheme in the history.

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