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College Kids Leave A $1.30 Pineapple At The Museum...Workers Put It In A Glass Display Case And Everyone Mistakes It For Modern Art

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IndependentStudents claim they managed to pass off a pineapple they bought for £1 at a supermarket as a work of art, after leaving it in the middle of an exhibition at their university,

Ruairi Gray, a business information technology student at Robert Gordon University in Scotland, and his friend Lloyd Jack, reportedly left the fruit at the Look Again exhibition at RGU’s Sir Ian Wood building, hoping that it might be mistaken for art.

When they returned four days later he found that the pineapple had been put inside its own glass display case at the event.

Gray, 22, told the MailOnline: “I saw an empty art display stand and decided to see how long it would stay there for or if people would believe it was art.

“I came in later and it had been put in a glass case – it’s the funniest thing that has happened all year. My honours supervisor saw it and asked an art lecturer if it was real because he could not believe it.”

As much as I love being contrarian I just can’t do it with the “modern art sucks” crowd. I know it’s the most popular opinion ever, basically cliché at this point, especially on blogs.  So so tired to make fun of all these blank canvases and pencil lines and “sculptures” AKA two pieces of metal placed on top of each other that everyone gawks at and spends $1 trillion on.   There’s nothing I would love more than putting my foot down and saying well actually, modern art is sweet, you just don’t get it.  Switch it up a little bit.

But that’s just not the case. Can’t do that. Not when some college kids buy a 1 dollar pineapple at the supermarket, place it on the floor of the museum, then leave, only for that pineapple to be placed in a glass case and treated as a high class art exhibit.  There’s no justification for that, other than you’re just a fucking asshole, plain and simple.  You try so hard to convince us you are better than us because you understand things artistically that we can’t even comprehend…then spend an hour contemplating the artist’s intentions in symbolically depicting the struggle of man and human depravity from a rogue piece of fruit from the fucking Stop and Shop.

Never forget: