Wizards vs Celtics Game 4 Live Blog

Straight up, if you aren’t enjoying this series, you stink. I feel like if you had to convert someone to a basketball fan, this would be the series to show them. It has a shit ton of skill (Wall and IT), games coming down to the wire, fights, a blowout, and tons of bad blood. It’s just been a blast to watch so far, and the Wizards are back tonight trying to even it up at 2 a piece.

The Wiz will be without Kelly Oubre tonight, who was suspended because Kelly Olynyk is baby shit soft. The Wizards aren’t terribly deep, but all that means is Bojan Bogdanovic is going to go off for 30 tonight or die trying.

So grab ya pupcorn, drink a soder, and enjoy the game. Let’s bring it back to Boston tied up. For the culture.