Martin T. Unleashed Two Of The Worst Family Feud Answers You Will Ever See

Martin T, you my friend are a goddamn moron. I admit that I can almost understand the first answer. You hear things a pig do, buzz in, Steve Harvey’s staring a hole through you as the audience waits for your answer, and you say oink. Playas fuck up. Or maybe shit gets freaky in the T household. Who am I to say? Regardless that answer led to an all-time great Steve Harvey face, so all was gravy in my mind.


But Jesus Christ, Marty. E.T. for things that come in a basket? What fucking planet are you on? I would say this was Martin T’s way of trying to go viral. Get some cheap laughs on the Feud and see if being a moron on TV can make you an internet celebrity overnight. But I’m pretty sure if a family member costs you money on Family Feud with stupid ass answers like that, you are legally allowed to murder them. Or at least you should be.

And what the fuck is wrong with the Triplett family? How do you let Martin T. participate in the Fast Money Round after those two boners?

Thank God that Jared brought the thunder in the first round. Not even Martin T. could fuck that up.

This chick definitely would have fucked it up though.