The Comeback Kids Strike Again!! Brett Gardner Brings The Yankees Back From The Dead To Beat The Cubbies

HOLY SHIT!! Brett Gardner from the CLOUDS to save the day. After fighting off some tough pitches Gardner caught a hanging slider over the plate and deposited in the right field stands. He didn’t even swing hard, just caught the jet stream and watched it sail. That fucking wind today was a demon, causing Judge’s error. It was a love hate relationship all day with the wind, but in the end mother nature came through. Legit every ball hit in the air was an absolute circus scene.

Shoutout to Chase Headley for continuing to be the biggest asshole in the world. That man is the worst fielder on the planet. Goes to back hand a ball hit right at him in the 9th and it takes a bad hop putting the tying run on second. Bro stick your body in front of the ball and knock it down at least Jesus Christ. Luckily, Chapman is an alien and pitched his way out of the jam to give New York the huge W. Pineda was very good all day except the two pitches to Schwarber and Bryant. Other than that he had very good stuff again and lowered his ERA to 3.12 on the year. Love it. Judge, Castro, and Hicks all with multi-hit games which seems like the usual these kind of days. Big win, and now we have Montgomery on the hill tomorrow night on FOX. Brett Anderson is going to get SHELLED and I’m going to watch every second of it. Happy Cinco de Mayo folks, bring out the tequila, I’m fired up!!

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