Wild Cheltenham High School Brawl Leaves A Teacher Down For The Count

WYNCOTE, Pa. (CBS) — Disturbing cellphone video has been released of a fight inside a Montgomery County high school that sent a teacher to the hospital. The fight was just one of two violent episodes at the Cheltenham High School on Wednesday. Four female students were arrested following a violent fight that sent a teacher to Abington Medical Center.

MontCo step up! Or something. Lotta haymakers going around in that civilized, educated setting. You obviously don’t want to see teachers get hurt (or KO’d), but she was stepping into a no-win situation. There was no stopping those beasts from finishing their battle. If anything the fight finally calmed down when the janitor stepped in to take care of business. I imagined him like a silent ninja in the back standing quietly for his time to strike. The Oddjob of the custodial arts.

Good thing this wasn’t in the Philadelphia city limits or multiple teachers actually would’ve squared up with every single one of them. Mano y mano. Because that apparently happens.