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What Comes Around Is All Around Featuring TJ Oshie

Less than 2 minutes left to play in Game 4 between the Caps and the Pens. Pittsburgh trying to hold on to a 1-goal lead. Washington had just pulled their goalie. Aaaaaaaand TJ Oshie gets sent to the box for high sticking.

Now a lot of folks out there are pretty upset with Nick Bonino for selling this one. Did Oshie’s stick ever make contact with his face? No. But in my very expert opinion, the call on the ice is still right. If you’re TJ Oshie and you don’t want to put your team down a man in a crucial time of the game, then keep your fucking stick on the ice. I get he’s going for a stick lift here but it’s a swing and a miss. Bonino sold it, sure, but Oshie still makes contact with the shoulder with his stick and Bonino could have easily tilted his head forward instead of back and then this penalty isn’t even a question. Keep in mind the refs had also just missed Jake Guentzel take a stick to the mouth which would have been a double-minor on the Caps and TJ Oshie was practically begging the stripes to make the call here in real time. So to all you idiots out there who say the refs blew this one, you are dumb and I am right. At the very most, maybe they should have slapped Bonino with an embellishment and made it 4v4. But if we’re talking about a high-stick embellishment involving TJ Oshie and Nick Bonino, all we have to do is turn the clock back a year and see this was 365 days in the making.

May 7, 2016

Well well well. How the turntables.

Just hilarious how perfectly this worked out. First off, that dive from Oshie is a million times more egregious than Nick Bonino selling his one last night. Bonino at least took a stick up high and maybe his shoulder pad even caught him on the chin. Oshie took a slap to the tits and went down like their was a sniper in the rafters. Same situation just roles completely reversed. Penguins trying to get back into a game, Oshie sells one and that’s all she wrote. So if you want to be mad at Nick Bonino for the embellishment last night, that’s fine. But just remember, Oshie.