This ARod-Derek Jeter Interview was Somewhat Awkward

I have a new sports media hero. And he’s not even a sports media guy. That man’s name is Bob Pisani.

I only watch CNBC when it’s on the TV in the locker room at the gym since all my money is gold bars buried in the woods behind my house. So I’m not familiar with his work. But when it comes to creating painfully awkward tension between two guys who obviously still despise each other, Pisani is the best in the business. ARod and Jeter were there to do their charity work, avoid talking about anything other than their charity work, and Bob just kicks in the door, guns blazing with “What? Are you guys friends now?” and it deteriorated from there. Bringing up the bad blood. Walking ARod into a dead end by asking him about J-Lo. “Hey, I just read what’s on the paper!” The cringeworthy laughs. And the whole time, Jeter is giving every non-verbal clue he can that he wants no part of grabassing with ARod, who’s shamelessly trying to suck up to him. It’s like watching Jack Donaghy interact with Kenneth Parcell, who just wants to be friends.

When it comes to awkward comedy, Bob Pisani is like Steve Carrell times Ricky Gervais to the power of Larry David. I just wish ESPN was hiring because I need him to do every interview ever.