This Black Chick Graduating High School Has The Best Senior Quote Of The Year

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I’m sure there are some people online who’ll make this less fun and find some issue with what this girl said as her screenshot goes viral. But honestly I love a good senior quote that’s original and completely nails a situation. She made fun of herself, made fun of some stereotypes and white privilege, a little equal opportunity commentary for everyone. And more than that, it’s so gratifying to have a senior quote that will stand the test of time. Going crazy viral like her tweet’s going means you nailed that senior quote as hard as you can unlike someone else quoting Justin Bieber or a chick quoting Marilyn Monroe like it’s an average day on a basic chick’s Instagram. This girl’s mom should be proud, not mad.

Also I am a person that knows a thing or two about a good yearbook quote:

Fabolous quotes laden with typos from our half-assed yearbook editing staff paired with baggy hip hop clothing, that’s something that will continue to age undeniably well too. Me and Savannah, not so different.