Kevin Owens Is Once Again The Face Of America

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I’d like to welcome all of you to this recap of one of the longest running weekly episodic television shows of all time, but not the longest running weekly episodic television show of all time, which is RAW, no, this is SmackDown. Okay!

SmackDown Live opened with Shane McMahon scolding Jinder Mahal for taking the WWE Championship without winning it, and telling him he has to wrestle Sami Zayn later in the show. It’s not included in that video because it was not good, so the WWE didn’t even go through the trouble of uploading it. Chris Jericho, the new United States Champion, made his entrance, and the building exploded. I was STUNNED at how over he was, making it a shame that he’s going away for a while now, but we’ll talk about that later. AJ Styles and Kevin Owens interrupted (wearing his new USA shirt I may or may not have designed), and had a great brawl that felt real. AJ saw an opportunity to attack Kevin Owens, and he went after it.

It is absolutely wild that in the “Land of Opportunity”, Sami Zayn is losing to Jinder Mahal. I’m not opposed to Jinder getting a push at all, I’m really not. I’m opposed to the current push that he’s getting. You can’t expect me to be okay with him losing two minute squash matches one week and beating everyone on the roster and being the #1 contender for the WWE Championship the next. I want to see that build up over time.

I’m concerned about Charlotte in a babyface role, because that obviously went down like a led zeppelin when she was first called up, but if they want her to be the face of the company, so be it. The Welcoming Committee is the worst name for a stable since the Submission Sorority.

This wasn’t a big moment on the show so I don’t have many thoughts, just wanted to say while I appreciate trying a new look, 100% fuck no, Sin Cara. Don’t do that.


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This one is kinda sick though:

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Breezango, the New New Age Outlaws, are just fucking fantastic. I can’t believe it took this long to capitalize on these two. They’re such a throwback to the days of “occupational” gimmicks, but they make it work in 2017. It’s impressive!

The MAAAAAAAIN EVENT of the evening. Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho to win back his United States Championship in another great match, and murdered him post match. The chair around the throat into the outside post will never not look deadly. SmackDown could really use the star power that Jericho provides, but he’s gonna be off on a FOZZY tour for a while now, and he confirmed it with this Instagram post:

Another pretty good, concise, two hour show from the Blue Team. Shoutout to Shane O Mac and D-Bry for running a tight ship.